Energetic Chiropractic

The Energetic Chiropractic Method is a revolutionary chiropractic approach that works with the body on a vibrational level. The concept of Energetic Chiropractic emerged alongside the current understanding at the leading edge of science, that what we perceive as physical matter is in fact energy and all energy expresses information based on the frequency of its vibration or its tone.

When this concept is applied to the human body, it is viewed as a rapidly transforming, dynamic network of energy and information rather than a fixed anatomical machine. Integral to the control and coordination of this network of energy and information is the nervous system. This highly sophisticated system not only controls and coordinates the function of the entire body, but it is also the interface with which we interact with the world outside of us.

The nervous system responds to, interprets and adapts to information from within the body itself and also with information from the much larger external environment. This information is continually relayed to the brain where an estimated 320 Gigabytes per second is processed and sent out to every single cell in the body. The structural and behavioral expression of our cells is therefore a direct reflection of not only the function of our body itself but also how we perceive our experience of the external environment.

Chronic, long-term experiences of stress create interferences to the free flow of energy and information in and around the body. These interferences are an expression of the stress response and the body’s adaptive challenges. The interference patterns created by the compounding effect of these stress experiences over time leads to an unbalanced state, which is reflected throughout the entire body-mind system: the bio-energetic field will express an incoherence; nervous system function will be altered; the biochemistry of the body will become imbalanced; and the physical structures of the body from macroscopic to microscopic will store tension and distort.

“To know a person’s experiences from the past examine their body now, to know a persons body in the future examine their experiences now.”
— Deepak Chopra

The Energetic Chiropractic Method begins with an analysis of the entire body-mind system in order to locate the patterns of interference within its field of intelligence. Globally, the bio-energetic field is scanned for vibrational disturbances and the body is assessed for overall tension by observing restricted breathing patterns and postural distortion patterns. At the local level, the soft tissue is palpated for tension and tonal differences, and the motion of the joints are assessed for restricted movement.

The distinction between the Energetic Chiropractic Method and structural chiropractic approaches lies in the practitioner’s choice of entry into the interference patterns stored within the body-mind system. Whereas structural approaches introduce a high force into the spinal system with the intent of cavitation and restorative joint motion, Energetic Chiropractic introduces very specific, lightly applied sustained pressure contacts directed toward the nerve-muscle interface in order to arouse an inborn adaptive response by stimulating neural reflexes for the outcome of reducing nerve interference patterns.

The outcomes that are achieved with the Energetic Chiropractic Method focus on engaging a process of change rather than managing an episode of symptomatic relief. The target of care is to reset the neural control mechanisms, which facilitates the unwinding of tension patterns and the entrainment of new postural habits. This is a progressive process in which we continuously evaluate the changes in the body-mind’s adaptive response to promote self-regulation and healing from within. It is intended for each adjustment to build upon the successes of the one’s prior to create a lifetime of health, wellness and vitality in the most natural of ways.