Neurological Chiropractic: A Brain-Based Approach

The Role of the Brain and Nervous System

In the Energetic Chiropractic approach the human body is viewed as a rapidly transforming, dynamic network of energy and information rather than a fixed anatomical machine. It is a “closed loop” collection of cells organized into organs and then systems in which all the systems have an influence on one another and must remain in harmonic balance to function optimally. Integral to the control and coordination of this network of energy and information are the brain and nervous system.

The highly sophisticated nervous system receives information both from within the body’s internal environment and also from the much larger external environment. This information is then continually relayed to the brain where approximately 320 Gigabytes per second are processed, interpreted and sent out to every single cell in the body.

Any factor that upsets the organization of this information by the nervous system will lead to potential disturbances in the function of the other body systems, including; the immune response, endocrine (hormone) function, muscle tone, temperature regulation, respiration rate, heart rate, digestion, reproduction and excretion. Ultimately our expression of health is not only a direct reflection of the balance and function of the all the body systems, but also how we perceive our experience of the world around us.

The Role of Stress

As an individual interacts in the world their nervous system learns and reorganizes to more complex levels of function as it responds to and recovers from every new challenge (stressor) it faces. Stressors in moderation are, in reality, beneficial for our systems. Our nervous system has developed a variety of responses to stressors that will provide a better ability to survive environmental challenges. Problems arise not from the stressor itself or from our response to the stressor, but from our inability to recover neurologically from the experience.

Constant low grade stress (the body’s internal response to external stressors) causes your nervous system to become “stuck” in a neurological pattern. While these patterns may have been appropriate at a given moment, your system is now unable to recover. Over time these neurological patterns become established as your “normal”.

This leads to an unbalanced state, which is reflected by your signs and symptoms, indicating that your state of health is less than ideal. The misconception is that we are stuck with these negative neurological patterns. We are not, and we have the ability to create new neural pathways with the application of appropriate intervention and retraining.

The Role of the Chiropractic Adjustment

Appropriately applied, the chiropractic adjustment is one of the most dramatic and effective methods of changing a neurological pattern with essentially no side effects. The most up to date research has shown it to be an extremely effective neurological pattern interrupt. The adjustment creates a barrage of sensory information directly into the central nervous system. This sensory input allows the brain to break the negative neurological patterns and reset itself to a more positive ideal balance.

While there are many chiropractors today who offer short term care recommendations for pain and symptom relief, this does little to address the long term neurological challenge or cause of the problem. In order to overcome the cause of your health challenges, it is therefore essential that care be directed toward retraining the nervous system. This requires repetition and time.

How Energetic Chiropractic Works

The Energetic Chiropractic approach does not distinguish a separation between the mind and the body, but rather recognizes a singular field of intelligence commonly referred to as the body-mind system. The inability for an individual to respond and recover from life’s challenges in a positive way compromises their inborn adaptive capacities. A long-term experience of stress leads to patterns that interfere with the free flow of energy and information in and around the body-mind system.

Over time this leads to an unbalanced state, which is reflected throughout the entire body-mind system: the bio-energetic field will express an incoherence; nervous system function will be altered; the biochemistry of the body will become imbalanced; and the physical structures of the body from macroscopic to microscopic will store tension and distort.

In Energetic Chiropractic we approach the body-mind system in a dynamic, non-linear way using a combination of the best concepts from many chiropractic techniques to address the specific requirements of each individual. Our analysis of the body-mind system begins with the detection of areas of vibrational disturbance within the bio-energetic field.

These areas are a direct expression of the imbalance within the nervous system along with associated muscle tension and structural distortion patterns. At these focal points we introduce inputs of sensory neurological stimulation directed toward the nerve-muscle interface for the re-integration of neural patterns.

Sensory neurological stimulation is achieved through a combination of directed contacts of varying degrees of pressure and dynamic vibratory impulses delivered with a mechanical instrument specific for the expression of the body-mind imbalance of each individual in every moment.

The outcomes that are achieved with the Energetic Chiropractic Method focus on engaging a process of change rather than managing an episode of symptomatic relief. The target of care is to reset the neural control mechanisms. This is a progressive process in which we continuously evaluate the changes in the body-mind’s adaptive response to promote self-correction, self-healing and self-regulation from within.

Energetic Chiropractic Benefits

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